AI sex dolls, also known as AI robot sex dolls, are essentially lifelike dolls that are equipped with artificial intelligence. This means they can interact with you in a more human-like way than your average sex toy. 

Many of these dolls have the ability to talk to you, respond to your touch, and even learn your preferences over time. It’s like having a partner that’s always ready and willing to please you.

However, these dolls aren’t out to replace human intimacy. They’re simply designed to enhance it. Plus, they come in all shapes, sizes, and genders, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you want a muscular man or a curvy woman, these dolls are ready to fulfill your every desire.

The aim of this article is to help every human being whos looking for a sex doll, to find the perfect match! We will talk about how sex dolls with AI work, what are the usual features, and assist you with how and where to buy the perfect one!

How Much Are the New Ai Sex Dolls?

Especially during the pandemic years, AI sex dolls have become extra popular, with unthinkable prices topping $12,000. However, a high-quality sex doll with AI features like voice recognition, moaning and heating can be found for $3000.

If you are wondering why its price is so high, well it’s because these dolls are very realistic AI sex dolls that can talk and move their heads, and even do some other things which will discuss later on the buying guide. However, most of them are made of customizable silicone bodies that cannot move – at least for now.

Overall, the price largely depends on the level of customization and advanced technology you want. Do you want a doll with realistic skin texture and built-in heating? You will need to pay more. How about one with custom eye color and voice recognition? Again, more cash.

But hey, you know what they say, you get what you pay for. And with an AI sex doll, you’re getting a high-tech companion that can provide you with hours of pleasure and entertainment. So, if you’ve got the cash to spare and want to try something new in the bedroom, an AI sex doll might just be worth the investment.

AI Sex Dolls What are Options?

There are many options and personalization that can be done on sex dolls. 

However, the more personal features you require, the higher the price. AI sex dolls come in a variety of:

  • Forms;
  • Shapes;
  • Sizes; 
  • Colors and other AI features.

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AI Sex Dolls VS Regular Sex Dolls

AI sex dolls might look the same as the regular ones, but there is more than meets the eye.  Once you start using them, you can see how much more advanced they are and, let’s say, an upgraded version of the regular fuck dolls. 

What distinguishes them from one another is advanced AI technology. Let’s see. 

AI Sex Dolls are:

  • Crafted from high-end TPE material, which is much more durable;
  • Feature vaginas, buttocks, and lips but without an option for oral sex;
  • High responsiveness to your touch;
  • Sophisticated vaginas with g-spots that are based on actual female anatomy;
  • Unable to get wet like a bath or take a shower due to complex technology;
  • Move their head, including eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, and lips;
  • Move their head and neck;
  • Talk, moan, and lead the conversation;
  • Respond to human touch;
  • Provide body heat;
  • Mimic human-like movements;
  • Starting at about $3,000 and up. 

Regular Sex Dolls have:

  • Realistic flesh made of silicone and TPE; 
  • Feel and appear like actual humans;
  • Feature lips, vaginas, and buttocks;
  • Able to perform oral sex;
  • Completely bendable and have a wide range of erotic poses;
  • Able to take a wash and dip in the water;
  • Needs to warm up either with a blanket or water;
  • Have textured, realistic openings that imitate a genuine sexual encounter;
  • Changeable skin tone, hair, nail and eye color, and options for genital type;
  • Costs start at around $1,000 and increase.

Usually, dolls feature sensors, motors, and artificial intelligence (AI). To distinguish them as improvements over their motionless predecessors, they are sometimes referred to as AI sex dolls or artificial sex dolls.

Incorporation of AI in sex dolls

The incorporation of AI in sex dolls is a game-changer for the sex toy industry. Believe it or not, you can have a sex doll smarter than some people, seriously. AI technology allows these dolls to learn and adapt to your preferences, making each experience more personalized than the last. 

A lot of makers, including Matt McMullen, thought that sex dolls need companionship and that incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into them was the next move. Five years ago, to be precise, as of 2018, numerous new models have been developed that can talk, recall crucial information, and convey a range of feelings. 

One such design is McMullen’s “Harmony,” which allows users to customize their partner’s appearance, attire, personality, and speech by using mobile software. Since then, AI sex robots have expanded widely around the whole globe. 

Thus, responding to touch, imitating human movements, and even carrying on a conversation with you is the biggest benefit of sex dolls AI. It’s like having a virtual girlfriend but without all the drama. No offense, ladies.  

You can ultimately have the ideal partner who is up for fun with the option to customize their physical look. Just keep in mind to keep your AI sex robot charged; otherwise, you might find yourself feeling more let down than your formal partner.

Features of AI sex dolls

As we already talked about the regular sex dolls and their many features, AI sex dolls have even more! 

Aside from regular features like choosing the hair, skin and eye color, curves, and imperfections of the skin, one of the most important and prominent features of Ai sex dolls are:

  • Respond to touch thanks to body sensors – making them feel more lifelike than ever before. 
  • Listen, speak, and learn – these features especially create a truly immersive experience of having a real person by our side.
  • Simulate breathing and even moaning – these features will help you enjoy your play time maximally. 
  • Heating feature – great characteristic to make you feel like there is an actual person beside you and not only a cold-blooded doll.
  • Facial recognition technology – they can recognize your face and even remember your preferences for future encounters.
  • M-TPE skin texture – many AI dolls are crafted from this material. Such texture will provide you with a real-skin experience thanks to its high flexibility and durability. 

And with machine learning algorithms, these dolls can constantly learn and adapt to your desires, making each experience more satisfying. It’s like having a personal sex robot that’s always down for a good time. The future is here, and it’s sexy as hell.

Best AI Sex Dolls – Buying Guide

What to Know Before Buy

Before you take the plunge and buy ai-powered sex dolls, you should know a few things. 

First and foremost, make sure you have enough storage space. These dolls can be pretty big, and you don’t want to accidentally knock over your lamp trying to maneuver around them

Next, do your research and choose a reputable manufacturing company. You don’t want to end up with a faulty doll that short-circuits mid-session. 

Also, be sure to set a budget because these dolls can get pretty pricey. It’s like buying a car, but instead of driving it, you’re humping it.

Once you have determined the budget, write down the features you want your doll to have and see if that falls under your budget. Usually, the more personalized doll, the hight the price.

Think about everything you can, the shape, the size, and the overall look. Don’t go with the too-big or too-small doll; trust me, my friend, you will be disappointed. Choose the size that matches yours and, of course, the shape you prefer.
Lastly, be prepared for some strange looks from your delivery person when a life-sized box arrives at your doorstep. But hey, who cares what they think? You’re about to have the best time of your life with your new AI sex doll.  

Best Manufacturers

The most reputable and popular manufacturers of the best AI sex dolls are:

  • AI Tech;
  • Realbotix;
  • Daxtron Laboratories; 
  • NextOS;
  • California’s Abyss Creations.

Whichever company you choose to buy a doll or any other sex toy from them, you won’t make a mistake. 

Top 5 Best AI Sex Dolls – Product Review (overview, pros, cons)

1. Real Doll X – Best AI Sex Dolls

Brand – Real Doll 

Manufacturer –  Realbotix/Abyss Creations

Our recommendationHarmony X


  • Swappable head; 
  • Perfect moving abilities;
  • Synced lips that can keep up with the speaking speed;
  • Respons to the slightest touch.


  • Very expensive!

Real Doll is probably the most popular doll which holds the standard of high-quality AI sex dolls. The most popular ones are the Real Doll Classic and Real Doll 2. The new model – Real Doll 2, is lighter, has softer breasts, and has many more customization choices. 

The lightweight frame of The RealDoll 2 is accomplished with the use of soft silicone foam cores. This new technology reduces the weight of the complete doll the by far more than 10 lbs compared to the RealDoll Classic.

Also, another great thing about Real Doll 2 is the possibility of using detachable inserts for the vaginal and oral parts. But that’s not all. This doll has the ability two detach its head thanks to the magnets. So anytime you don’t like your doll’s facial features, you can simply replace it!

So far, I haven’t found a single bad review about this doll, and it is highly recommended by each and every user! RealDoll’s greatest competitive edge is its customization options, so Abyss Creations wisely decided to enhance them. 

2. Emma – AI Tech

Manufacturer –  AI Tech

Our recommendation –  Sex Robot with Artificial Intelligence with Face 3


  • Features high-quality TPE;
  • Advanced AI technology;
  • Option for temperature control and high-end touch sensors;
  • Both sexual and non-sexual voice and conversation capabilities.


  • A bit pricey

Emma is not only a pioneer in the sex machine business but also attractive and technologically advanced. She has a sensitive artificial intelligence that enables her to pick up on and react to your words and touches.  Also, her human-like facial expressions heighten the reality.

A more realistic sexual experience can be had thanks to the AI sex doll’s body temperature management function, which enables her to warm up to your temperature. 

Her body and skin are made from high-quality TPE that is both durable and safe for the body and which is more pliable and touch-responsive than rubber.

The possibilities for customization were another excellent aspect of my evaluation – choose everything you imagine, from the body type, hairstyle, and eye color to vaginal openings and breast sizes.

It is a tremendous AI-based sex robot with lifelike face motions, temperature control, and touch sensing. You can literally have the feeling like there’s a real person next to you or on top of you, you know what I mean. 

Aside from high personalization, the doll is pretty pricey, so ensure to have a deeper pocket if you want to get this beauty.

3. SE Doll – Moving Sex Robot

Manufacturer SE Doll

Our recommendationCorinna(Sex Bot Doll)


  • More affordable than previous dolls;
  • Spinal movement;
  • Rocking motion;
  • 3-speed setting;
  • Powered by an AC adaptor;
  • Body heat with regulator for no overheating;
  • Interchangeable head;
  • Option for oral sex available. 


  • No option for talking;
  • No option for head or head features movement.

If you want to have a robotic sex doll but you are still on a budget, this doll might be your choice. It is not as expensive as previous ones, but again you will need to have a certain budget to buy it. 

Even though this doll cannot talk to you, she can give you an excellent moaning time. She can also move her spine and body, which can be a very big plus when it comes to playing time. She also has very flexible, articulated joints, making it easy to place her in any position.

The doll is very curvy even though you have all the options for choosing her body proportions, including her oral, vaginal, and anal depth. Yes, that’s right oral depth. 

Many, to be precise of the above-mentioned AI sex dolls do not have an option for oral sex and that’s due to its mechanism in her head. Even though this one cannot move her head or eyelids, she can do oral things, which is especially important for many people!

Despite that, she is very lightweight, making her easy to maneuver, and her body is made from high-quality TPE and metal skeleton, so her lifespan, with the proper care, should be long!

Overall, this doll is great for the man that appreciates quiet time with his love doll. No unnecessary talks, weird looks, or movements, but when it comes to playing time, the doll will provide the needed pleasure thanks to moaning, heating, and oral features!

General Pros and Cons of Owning an AI Sex Doll

Just like with any other item, this one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the main pros and cons of owning an AI sex doll.

Pros of owning AI sex dolls 

  • The main pro of these dolls is high customization and companionship. 
  • They can provide a realistic and customizable sexual experience but without emotional experience. 
  • With advanced AI technology, they can learn and adapt to your desires over time, making each encounter more satisfying. 

Cons of owning AI sex dolls 

  • The first con is that these dolls can be pretty expensive. So ensure you have room in your budget as well as the actual room/space for placing the doll there. 
  • They also require regular maintenance, such as charging and cleaning, which can be a hassle. 
  • While they provide physical pleasure, they can’t offer the emotional connection that a real human partner can, which can lead you to social isolation and distancing yourself even more from your friends and family. 

Controversies Surrounding AI Sex Dolls

Recent years have seen quite a bit of controversy surrounding sex dolls. Several people believe that they are harmless forms of adult entertainment, but others are concerned about their ethical and social implications.

One major concern is the potential objectification of women. In the eyes of critics, AI sex dolls perpetuate harmful stereotypes of women and undermine positive attitudes toward gender roles and relationships. On the contrary, advocates claim that users are able to differentiate between fantasy and reality and that these models offer a secure and consensual avenue for sexual expression.

The possible effect of AI sex dolls on the sex business is a topic of debate as well. According to some experts, these dolls could fundamentally alter the market by offering a more affordable and accessible option to conventional sex work. Others contend that they won’t significantly affect the industry as a whole and will merely serve to enhance current services.

Of course, there are issues with technology as well. AI sex robots could malfunction or even be hacked as they become more sophisticated, which could result in some fairly uncomfortable circumstances.

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Future of AI Sex Dolls

We’re already seeing some pretty impressive advancements in the sex doll industry. Gone are the days of simple plastic dolls that just lay there like a sack of potatoes. Nowadays, sex dolls are made with lifelike materials that feel almost like real skin, and some even have moving parts that can simulate different sexual positions.

But that’s just the beginning. With the rise of AI technology, sex dolls are about to become even more realistic and interactive. AI technology could allow sex dolls to learn your sexual preferences and desires over time, so they can anticipate your needs and provide you with the most pleasurable experience possible. 

They could also be programmed with different personalities and moods, so you can choose the perfect partner for any occasion. Feeling adventurous? Try the “wild and kinky” mode. Need someone to cuddle with? Switch to “sweet and affectionate.”

And let’s not forget about the potential for virtual reality integration. Imagine slipping on a headset and being transported to a world where your sex doll is waiting for you, ready to fulfill your every fantasy. With AI technology, the possibilities are endless.


Fulfilling all your fantasies are now totally manageable, thanks to the perfect AI sex dolls. Whatever you are imagining your partner can look like, you can now get it easily, thanks to the vast amount of reliable companies that craft such toys!

If you choose the buy an AI sex doll, ensure that you prepare some cash to invest into ones that are really going to fulfill your expectations. Usually, the good ones can cost a minimum of $3000. However, its price will largely depend on the customization and features it offers. 

The more feature it has, the higher price will be. AI sex dolls are different than regular sex dolls because they can have facial recognition, voice-overs, heating, and even head-moving features. They tend to be very realistic to a human being. 

Even though there are many advantages of these dolls, don’t forget that they cannot provide you with emotional support as the real person does. It is a good idea to distinguish such boundaries and don’t let your emotions get involved in that way. 

Using the top 4 manufacturers and dolls above, you can now find the perfect sex partner for both those with deeper pockets and those on a tight budget.