The popularity of sex puppets has risen in recent years as manufacturers have perfected their realism. One of their drawbacks, however, is that they aren’t particularly cozy. Not everyone enjoys getting some shut-eye next to a corpse.

In any case, there is an answer. Insulating fabrics that can keep heat in are used in the construction of modern sex toys. Preheating your doll will allow it to retain heat for a longer period of time, making it more pleasant to cuddle.

In order to assist you, here are ten suggestions on how to warm up a sex doll. The greatest aspect is that… The majority of these suggestions are both low-cost and simple to implement.

Read on to find out how to keep your sex toy toasty and comforting for a more satisfying encounter.

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Why warm up the sex doll?

Have you ever tried to get intimate with a cold, lifeless object? Yeah, not exactly a turn-on, right? That’s why sex doll owners know the importance of warming up their dolls before getting down to business

Think about it – your doll’s body temperature is naturally the same as the room temperature. If your room is chilly, your doll will feel like a popsicle. And let’s face it, no one wants to get it on with a popsicle. 

To truly enjoy the experience, you want your doll to feel warm and inviting. And that’s where warming up your sex doll comes in. It’s a simple step that can make all the difference in your doll play. So, don’t leave your doll feeling cold. Warm it up and get ready for some steamy fun!

How to warm up sex doll? 10 most popular ways

1. Built-in full-body warmers

Full-body warmer devices will warm the toy from the inside out. It’s costly, but it’s worth it if you can afford it for your ease and joy.

Sex toy makers offer this update.

If it’s not on the page, contact your favorite manufacturer—they can probably add it.

A sex doll with a built-in body warmer comes with a cord that plugs into the doll and runs to the wall socket.

After plugging the doll in, electricity will heat her body to the set temperature in 20–30 minutes, based on device power.

After heating your toy, remove her and play.

Warming your doll this way will make her more lifelike and enjoyable, but don’t leave her hooked in for too long as this can cause burning and harm.

2. Heaters

After a thorough study, here’s how to use heat rods safely.

Warmer rods or wands are poles used by fleshlight users to warm their arms and make foreplay more enjoyable.

Before buying a heat rod, consider the material of your sex toy.

TPE, which is used to make fleshlights, is soft and lifelike, but it can easily be harmed by direct heat.

To be exact, fleshlights and sex toys made of TPE lose structure when exposed to heat above 120°F (48°C), so keep the wand at about 98.6°F (37°C), which is a normal body temperature.

Silicone sex toys, however, can withstand a slightly higher temperature without harm.

Silicone is a great barrier, so once you warm up your doll, she will keep warm for the rest of the evening, based on the room temperature.

Warming rods are weak, so it takes 2-3 rounds (lasting 6–9 minutes each) to warm your doll to a comfortable temperature.

They are cheap and fine for both sex doll materials, but they can only warm one opening at a time unless you buy two or three rods.

3. Electro-blankets

Heated or warm covers are the best thing since sliced bread and the only thing that gets me through a harsh winter.

An electric blanket can keep you warm and make your sex toy more lifelike on a cool night.

Heated covers can be adjusted to your desired warmth, but be careful when covering your sex toy in one.

Heater covers usually warm up from 68°F to 122°F (20°C to 50°C), but it is best to keep them on the lower level when warming up your sex doll to avoid melting TPE materials.

Stay within the same temperature range for silicone material. Once heated, your plastic toy will stay cozy longer.

4. Blankets

If done correctly, this is one of the most cost-effective choices.

Warm linens are needed to warm your doll:

    • Iron

    • Beige cotton/polyester blankets

    • Wooden box

Place the toy in the wooden box before ironing the linens and covering it. Cover the box and let it warm up before using.

White cotton/polyester linens don’t leave dust on dolls. Wooden storage boxes hold heat.

5. Towel

Wrapping your doll in warm, wet cloths is an easy way to rapidly warm her up before use. To avoid staining your toy, use white cloths.

Damp cloths prevent dust from sticking to your toy.

If you don’t have anything else, this fast fix may work.

6. Hot tubs

Cozy baths with your sex toy are great evening entertainment. You can take your doll for a hot shower or fill the spa for a sexy time.

Both methods can quickly warm up dolls and people for a more authentic experience.

Remember that overly hot water can harm the cloth. Avoid harm by keeping the water below 112°F (44°C).

7. Heat the area

A warm area can make your sex toy more lifelike and calm you.

However, putting your sex toy near direct heat sources like vents or warmers will melt the material.

After warming up, your sex toy can keep body heat and stay cozy for hours.

8. Thermoses

Warm water vessels can keep your sex toy warm for up to 30 minutes.

Wrapping your doll in warm linens and placing her under a blanket, duvet, or in her storage box with a few jugs of warm water is a good way to do this.

9. Warm lube

Heated lube is another easy way to warm your doll’s orifices and skin before play.

Lube often contain reduced menthol and camphor because they warm up well, especially on the skin.

However, use water-based lube instead of silicone or oil-based ones, which may halt material breakdown.

10. Blankets

Keeping your doll under covers or sheets and staying close is the easiest way to warm her up. Your body heat will warm your toy.

This is a good choice for cool winter days and nights, especially if your room is heated.

Wrap up

The article discusses the importance of warming up sex dolls before use and provides ten non-damaging ways to safely heat them. A cold doll can ruin the experience, so warming it up can make it more lifelike and comfortable to use. 

Methods to warm up a sex doll include using built-in full-body warmers, heaters, electro-blankets, regular blankets, towels, hot tubs, heating the area, and thermoses. 

Each method is explained in detail, including the materials they are suitable for and the safe temperature range for use. The article assures that most of these methods are low-cost and easy to implement.