Hey, have you ever found yourself watching the same porn over and over again? Like, you just can’t get enough of that one porn star with the killer curves, amazing tits, and an ass you just wanna grab and bang? I mean, I’ve definitely been there, haha. It’s like you’re lowkey obsessed with them, you know what I mean?

So, speaking of porn stars and our fascination with them, I’ve got something interesting to share. Have you heard about sex dolls designed after real porn stars? 

Yeah, you read that right! In this article, we’ll be diving into the world of pornstar sex dolls, discussing the benefits, potential downsides, and everything in between. 

So if you’re curious about this trend or just want to explore something new in the world of sex toys, keep reading!

Pornstars sex dolls list:

  • Jessica Drake
  • Asa Akira
  • Stormy Daniels
  • Romi Chase
  • Lupe Fuentes
  • Alektra
  • Kaylani Lei
  • Samantha Saint

Explore the Boundaries of Pleasure!

1. Jessica Drake sex doll

Jessica Drake is a 20-year film actor, and now it has its own doll.  She is crafted from plastic and TPE materials that mimic real skin. It has a lifelike yet easy-changeable face, ideal breasts, and a curvy body measuring 34-25-37. 

The Jessica Drake sex toy lets consumers customize skin tones, hair hues, and other features. The Jessica Drake sex doll is a high-quality, modifiable toy for mature porn star fans. Its real feel and durability make it a good buy for long-lasting sex toys. Money and taste decide.

Who is it for?

This doll is crafted for those hard-core Jessica Drake fans. And if you ever get bored with Jessica’s features, if that’s possible, she is easily modifiable. It is intended for those who love curves and curvy girls with perfect weight and realistic body proportions.  

The greatest thing is that even if you would like to change something on your Jessica doll, you can easily do it. Change her skin color, hair, or even facial features and other traits, and build your own even more perfect, personalized Jessica doll. 

However, the doll is not for everyone because it might not fit everyone’s needs, expectations, and of course, fantasies. Also, I cannot deny it; the price is not budget-friendly, so frugal buyers may dislike the higher price.


    • High-quality materials for realism

    • Customizable skin tone, hair color, and other features 

    • Perfect for Jessica Drake fans


    • More costly than other choices

    • May not fit Jessica Drake haters

2. Asa Akira sex doll

Japanese-American pornstar Asa Akira has won numerous AVN honors. Her real sex toy is a market favorite and no wonder why. Akira’s medical-grade plastic sex toy mimics her tiny body, perky breasts, and snug ass.

As per usual, customers can customize the doll’s hair, eye, and other features if they would like to change something. Crafter from Realdoll, this perfect sex fantasy is crafted only with high-quality materials, with totally realistic Asa features for a famed film star. Its true feel and durability make it a fine sex toy.

Who is it for?

The Asa Akira sex toy will please Japanese-American actress fans, and most importantly, her appearance resembles Asa Akira’s, giving customers a genuine experience.

Aside from Asa’s fans, those wanting a high-quality, tiny body, and a perfectly tailored sex toy will love this sex doll. Its medical-grade plastic makes the toy feel real and endure years of you having fun with her.

I wanted to be as realistic as I cloud, so it is obvious that not everyone will like the Asa Akira sex toy. The doll is pretty tiny, however, it has nicely proportioned curves. It is 5’ 2” tall, weighing between 60-70 lbs, so it might not suit some bigger guys. On the contrary, you might even like it; it depends on you and your preferences after all! 


    • Lifelike medical-grade plastic

    • Perfect for guys who prefer tiny bodies with curves

    • Great for Asa Akira fans 

    • Perfect for guys that love Japanese-American types of girls

Cons: – 

    • Due to smaller proportions, it may not fit various body types or looks 

    • Not so budget-friendly

3. Stormy Daniels sex doll

Stormy Daniels, a former porn star, became famous for her claimed fling with Donald Trump. Since she gained huge popularity because of this, she gained her own sex doll. 

Thus everyone who wants to experience a renowned film star now has the opportunity to buy Stormy Daniels’s sex toy. To mimic real skin, the Daniels is made of soft, supple thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). With a golden wig, a lithe form, an astonishing curvy body, and an alluring face, the doll perfectly resembles Stormy Daniels.

Who is it for?

For Stormy Daniels fans who want to feel like a superstar, the sex toy is ideal. Also, political crisis fans who want pop culture artifacts may like it. It can be a perfect doll for guys who love taller girls, to be precise, 5’ 7”, big breasts, and DD cup size with bigger feet! 

If you don’t like Stormy Daniels or her job, this sex toy may not be for you. Or if you are more into a tiny woman and smaller tits and feet, avoid this doll. Also, those who want more toy modification may also be disappointed. Unfortunately, there are not many modification options for Stormy; however, her fans will maximally enjoy it!  


    • Great for fans of famous porn star

    • TPE for softness and Stormy Daniels’ likeness

    • Suitable for everyone who prefers taller and curvier girls


  • Minimal modification choices
  • Pretty expensive

4. Romi Chase sex doll

So, is anyone interested in discussing the Romi Chase sex toy with me? If you enjoy Romi Chase’s alluring acts and curvy physique, this may be right up your alley. It is a perfect, curvy doll with much bigger body proportions than we got used to! So, yay- finally, a great option for guys that don’t prefer making love with the stick! 

Who is it for? 

If you’ve ever wanted to feel the excitement of being with a pornstar like Romi Chase, this sex puppet is for you. If you ever want an unforgettable night with a curvy, big girl, this toy is for you! 

Superior quality plastic construction gives it a more lifelike texture and overall experience than competing products. This is because this doll is much more affordable, so if you are on a budget or you just don’t want to spend your whole saving on a sex doll, this is a great choice! And it’s fully modifiable; you can choose your own skin tone, eye color, and hairstyle. 


    • A lifelike feel thanks to the use of high-quality plastic and the ability to personalize the appearance by changing things like hair color, eye color, and facial characteristics

    • Built to look just like the model Romi Chase Perfect for Romi Chase readers

    • Much more affordable than other dolls


    • It may not be appropriate for those who desire a different physique, shape, or appearance

5. Lupe Fuentes sex doll

A totally different but equally good and even with better quality and realistic features is the Lupe Lupe Fuentes. Her tiny and young sex toy is incredibly famous among her fans and fans of woman-tiny bodies. 

The Lupe Fuentes sex toy is made of high-quality TPE and mimics her amazon facial and body features. The toy has many face and hair hue choices, so you can tailor it to every single of your preferences.

Who is it for?

The Lupe Fuentes sex doll is perfect for all the guys who love small, youthful-looking dolls. It’s ideal for film fans and Lupe Fuentes fans who want a genuine portrayal. Since it mimics Lupe Fuentes’ tiny body, it’s a good choice for smaller sex dolls. Customizing skin tone, hair color, and other features let you change anything you don’t like about her- if that’s possible.

However, the doll might not suit those who favor a more mature or curvaceous look or who are not Lupe Fuentes fans.


    • The small and young look

    • High-quality TPE for a realistic experience

    • Customizable skin tone, hair color, and other features


    • Not ideal for adult or curvaceous looks

    • Again, very pricy

6. Alektra Sex Doll

Alektra is a popular porn star known for her tattoos, curvy body, and seductive performances. Her body type and proportions are perfect and are in the middle between being too tiny and too big! 

Her sex doll is one of the most realistic on the market, thanks to its lifelike appearance, feel, and proportions. The Alektra sex doll is made with medical-grade silicone and is designed to replicate her famous curves and features. The doll also comes with various customization options, which is always a plus! 

Who is it for?

The Alektra sex doll is an ideal choice for fans of Alektra’s work who want a lifelike replica of the popular porn star. The doll is made with high-quality materials that simulate the look and feel of real skin, giving customers a realistic experience. 

It is also great for guys that like the perfect body proportions because she measures 34-26-36.5, weighs 80 lbs, and is 5’ 6”  high. She has the D cup size, and for foot fetish lovers, shoe size 8. You can come to the conclusion that she has the perfect body!

However, some might not prefer that because it does not suit their fantasies or might be “too perfect.” Also, the higher price point and limited options for body type or look may make it less suitable for those who prefer a different style of doll.


    • Made with medical-grade silicone for a lifelike feel

    • Customizable options for hair color, eye color, and other features

    • Great for fans of Alektra’s work


    • Higher price point than some other options on the market

    • It may not be suitable for those who prefer a different body type or look

7. Kaylani Lei Sex Doll

Kaylani Lei is a perfect little porn star and is now a sex doll. You want to liven up your solo performance, but you don’t know how. The Kaylani Lei sex puppet is exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoy the contours and characteristics of the pornstar without leaving your home with this realistic figurine. 

This sex doll is the smallest one of all the dolls provided by Realdoll. It is only 4’ 11”, weighs 70 lbs, and has a cup size B. Her measurements are 32-25-35, while her shoe size is 5.

Who is it for? 

For Kaylani Lei superfans who want to show their devotion, this figurine is the way to go. The toy’s adult design and authentic feel also make it a top pick for serious lovers who value realism. 

It is also perfect for small-woman-body proportions admirers. Her tiny body and small curves will ratify men who prefer this body type perfectly! 


    • The perfect gift for diehards: This is a fantastic opportunity for fans of Kaylani Lei to interact with the star directly

    • Perfect toy for guys who prefer smaller body types and proportions

    • The Kaylani Lei sex puppet is constructed from premium TPE, which mimics the feel of real skin

    • You can make this toy look exactly how you want it to by selecting from a variety of complexion tones, hair hues, and other choices



    • Due to the sex doll’s focus on recreating Kaylani Lei’s unique body and characteristics, it may not be the best choice for customers who would prefer a different kind of appearance

    • As usual, the price of this doll is pricy, so it might not fit into your budget

8. Samantha Saint sex doll

The Samantha Saint sex puppet is guaranteed to fulfill your wildest fantasies just like the same-name porn star can. A more realistic method to play out erotic dreams and satisfy curiosity than with a mannequin.

Samantha is totally opposite from the above-mentioned Kaylani. While Kaylani is smaller, thinner, and less curvy, Samantha is everything opposite. Her height is 5’ 8”, her weight is 85 lbs, and her measurements are 34-24-36. Her cup size is DD, talking about big tits, and shoe size 7!

Who is it for?

If you want a realistic and adaptable sex robot, look no further than the Samantha Saint line. This doll is fantastic for any Samantha Saint devotee or anyone seeking a high-quality sex device. 

Also, it is perfect for those who love taller girls with bigger body proportions. As for her facial features, you can easily change them if you don’t prefer something like her hair color or eye color. Also, you can craft your own fantasy vaginal insert, from the shape to the pubic hair options!


    • The premium-grade materials used to create the Samantha Saint sex puppet ensure an appearance and feel virtually indistinguishable from the real thing

    • Personalization choices: Change the doll’s skin tone, hair color, eye color, and even makeup and other attributes to make her appear like your favorite celebrity

    • The Samantha Saint sex doll is built to give you the best erotic experience possible, so you can buy it with complete confidence.


    • It might not be suitable for guys who prefer different body types;

    • Expensive as usual – but if you want a perfect sex experience for life, don’t be stingy!

If you’ve ever wanted to indulge your darkest fantasies, the Samantha Saint sex puppet is the way to go. You can play with this doll for hours on end because of its high level of realism and the fact that it can be crafted however you like. While shopping, bear in mind the higher price and her body proportions.