Lifelike sex doll breasts that you won’t resist squeezing

Let’s face it: if there’s one thing that every guy loves, it must be boobs. When you give them a tight squeeze, it’s next to impossible to stop. But what if you shouldn’t? We bet you would thank the Lord for such a great chance. There’s nothing wrong with longing for perky, firm women’s tits, which is why we want you to appreciate their beauty. This is when our sex doll breasts come in.

Made of lifelike materials, such as silicone and TPE, these accessories are perfect for spicing things up in your erotic scene. They will add a bouncy effect that real boobs create during an encounter. What’s more, it’s up to you to pair these breasts for a sex doll or use them alone. Either way, you will feel their natural tightness right off the bat – and it’s going to be mesmerizing.

What else can you use silicone sex doll breasts for?

The time is ripe for jump-starting your imagination. If you can’t get enough of watching them in action, go on. Petting or kissing is also a good idea as our realistic sex doll breasts are designed right for this. Silicone materials complement their resistance to the effects of daily use, so you shouldn’t restrain yourself from doing what you love.

If you get bored with caressing sex doll breasts, think of this as a sign to play with them in a different way. You can go a little bit wilder than jiggling by burying your face in and let them wrap you up. Or why not comfortably position them for further titty-fucking? Do whatever you want to experience lasting sensations.

How to take care of breasts and silicone sex dolls?

Even though they are unlikely to get peeved with you if you fail to clean them, these breasts deserve to remain in immaculate condition. We hope you think so, too. Thus, we recommend following the same care practices as you would do for a doll. You’re better off going for antibacterial soap and water so that your sponge soaks up well. Then wipe boobs with it and leave them to dry or use a cleaning cloth.

Don’t neglect to keep silicone sex doll breasts away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, they may get out of their rounded shape, resulting in further material damage. For more detailed cleaning and storage information, go to our Maintenance section.

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