Keeping your sex doll hidden – can be challenging. Nobody wants to leave it out in plain sight, where anyone might stumble upon it, but at the same time, you don’t want to bury it so deep in your closet that you forget where you put it. 

So, how do you strike that balance?

This article will help you explain how to hide a sex doll in three simple ways that will not burden you and, at the same time, not poke the eyes of others! Let’s begin.

How to Hide a Sex Doll

  1. Use Designated Storage Space
  2. Get a Specialized Sex Doll Storage Case
  3. Hide it Under the Bed
  4. Use the Empty Space in the Closet
  5. Place it in the garage 
  6. Hide it In Your Car’s Trunk

1. Use Designated Storage Space

For instance, can designate a specific storing space for your sex doll if you have a vacant room or area in your house. With a unique design, this might be something like a cupboard, storage, or even a box. It will ensure that your mannequin is kept secret and accessible to locate when needed. Ensure the area you choose is approachable and has good ventilation.

To make this a unique chamber for adult-related things, you can, if you so choose, add some additional toys and decorations to the area. This will give the impression that it is a posh Elite area while adding a funny element.

You could give the place a motif if you’re feeling particularly daring. For example, you could decorate it with gadgets and concealed entrances to make it look like a secret espionage lair or a luxurious hotel room. The best part is that there are no restrictions; the design is entirely up to you, your taste, creativity, and preferences.

Whatever you decide, make sure you enjoy it! Do not do anything that might hurt, or anger others, while maintaining the safety and security of your sex doll.

2. Get a Specialized Sex Doll Storage Case

You can Google them or visit adult shops to find the one you want because many businesses produce specialty storage cases for sex toys. Since they are made to safeguard your toy and keep it hidden, these bags are handy.

This is because they frequently have locks and are made of sturdy materials that will keep your doll secure. Some of them even have wheels for convenient movement.

You could add stickers or funny signs outside the case that state “Not Your Average Baggage” or “Handle with Care: Sexy Items Inside” to make it entertaining. This will hide your sex toy and make it seem like a playful decoration.

Remember that you should always read the instructions for the storage case carefully. This is because many companies craft different storage boxes, so to ensure you are using them correctly, read the instructions first. Let me remind you that besides good storage space, it’s crucial to clean and maintain your sex doll properly to prolong its life span as long as possible.

Explore the Boundaries of Pleasure!

3. Hide it Under the Bed

The choice to keep adult toys for personal use is understandable, but it’s also essential to respect other people’s privacy and limits. Therefore, even in this situation, I can’t ignore the classic “hide it under the bed.” method. Even though this is not the most inventive way to hide a sex doll, it is still highly effective. The reason is as follows.

Ensure your bed is elevated enough so your sex puppet can fit underneath it before anything else. You risk damaging the bed and your toy by attempting to push it in. You need to safeguard your sex toy in addition to hiding it. I advise wrapping it in a sheet or blanket before placing it under the bed. By doing this, you’ll shield it from any dust, or other residues, that may gather underneath.

Having said that, here are some ideas if you have an adult doll that you want to store under your bed concealed and secure:

Use a covert storage option: Use a general storage option that can be easily concealed under your bed, or think about buying a storage container specially made for adult devices. Make sure the receptacle you choose will suit your doll correctly.

Wrap the doll in a fabric: To keep your adult doll clean and safe from harm, wrap it in a plush cloth or blanket. Make sure the fabric is big enough to fully enclose the doll, then fasten it in place with tape or rubber bands.

If your bed has a bed skirt, you can tuck a storage box or covered toy under it to conceal it. It will remain in good shape if you keep it out of sight and shield it from dust and debris.

Put it away safely: If you have a lockable receptacle, consider keeping your adult doll in a safe or guarded cupboard. Doing this will increase protection and stop others from unintentionally discovering it.

4. Use the Empty Space in the Closet

It’s best to wrap the doll in a cloth or a sheet if you intend to keep it in storage for a more extended period to protect it from dust and sunlight. That is why putting the doll in your closet is a great idea. 

Additionally, there is very little chance that anyone will ever open your closet, go over your things, and run into your adult toy! This will help keep the doll’s texture, and material from becoming stained or ruined.

At last, put the doll inside the receptacle, and keep it out of the sun and other heat sources in a cold, dry location. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep the doll out of a damp or humid environment because this can harm the substance.

Find a spot in your closet where you can conceal your sex object. For example, you can place it in your closet if there is a lot of empty room and seasonal apparel.

Ensure the container is clean and dry before placing the sex doll inside. The best choice is hard-sided baggage or a sizable plastic container. You could also place it inside a bag, or another storage receptacle, that you keep inside your closet.

5. Place it in the garage 

Another typical location to conceal a sex toy is the garage or your workshop. As explained above, put the doll in its initial or newly-bought storage container if you decide to use the carport. 

Garages frequently become extremely sweltering and muggy if you reside in a southern U.S. state like Florida. It is preferable to protect your sex toy from humid air, to avoid infection. You don’t want to run the chance of mold spores developing on the toy, although most are made of artificial materials.

Compared to a building, garages provide much more space. In the garage or basement, locate a roomy area, and put the sex toy container there. Every time you leave the house, keep the sex toy in the bag. No one will know what is inside the container if the container has no images; thus, they will not open it!

Only if you’re concerned about others breaking into the carport and looking around might you decide against doing this. Also, if you share a house with someone, and don’t want them messing with your doll, consider locking the container or keeping it hidden among other yard storage items.

Some people or even you might have an extensive collection of sex toys, and thus, many people conceal them in garages. However, keeping your sex toys in a shed for an extended period is not advised. It should only serve as a cover until you’re ready to transport the doll somewhere better and more secure.

6. Hide it In Your Car’s Trunk 

Your car’s trunk is an odd spot to conceal your sex doll, but it might be convenient. The trunk is the only location your sex doll will fit if you need to journey covertly with it. Just be cautious not to let anyone see you take the mannequin in and out of your luggage because they might mistake it, or you might come out wrong.

Before you place the sex doll’s body in the trunk, park your vehicle in your carport. The carport is the ideal setting for hiding your activities. You can’t take the chance of your neighbors seeing you stroll outside with the sex doll if many people are living close by. Before you place the toy inside the trunk, line it with some plastic or a blanket. The figurine will be kept as spick-and-span as feasible.

Close the trunk, and ensure it is secured once the toy is inside. If you need to remove the mannequin from the trunk when you arrive at your location but need a covert parking space, wait until nightfall.

Preventing intrusions into your house should be your top priority. If you reside alone, it is not challenging to conceal a sex toy. For this reason, you might want to spend money on sophisticated security cams for your home’s exterior. In this manner, you can watch over your doll from a great distance if you ever need to be gone from home for a long time.

How to properly store a sex doll?

If you plan on hiding your sex doll discreetly and securely, you must know how to properly store it first. And here’s how.

  1. Buy a storage container: Invest in a storage container that is secure, inconspicuous, and big enough to hold your doll. You can buy a receptacle made especially for adult devices or a more generic container that can be quickly concealed in a closet or under your bed.
  2. Clean the doll: Before putting away your adult doll, give it a complete cleaning. Clean the doll’s surface with a gentle detergent and tepid water, then rinse it thoroughly, and let it fully air dry.
  3. Secure the doll by wrapping it: To safeguard your adult doll from grime, dander, and harm, wrap it in a soft fabric or towel. The toy can also be wrapped in plastic or a plastic bag, but ensure it is scorched.
  4. Place the toy inside the box or container: Place the doll in the receptacle, and seal it tightly after placing the adult doll, which has been wrapped, inside. If the box is locked, ensure the key is kept securely.
  5. Pick a covert location: Opt for a hidden and out-of-the-way place to keep the receptacle. Looking under your bed or in the back of your wardrobe might be a good idea.
  6. Consider other items: A bed skirt or curtains can further hide the storage receptacle to guarantee privacy and security.

Consider purchasing a covert storage container if you must keep your adult device concealed from others while traveling. Numerous products on the market are made to resemble commonplace home things like a book, a makeup purse, or a trip kit.

To avoid harm or unwanted notice, keeping your adult toy clean and correctly kept is crucial. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for suggested cleaning and storage procedures to keep your toy in excellent shape for as long as possible.

In Conclusion

For those who might feel uncomfortable exhibiting an adult doll out in the open, this article offered a variety of sensible and inventive methods to conceal one. 

The alternatives offer various options to fit multiple tastes and finances, ranging from storage bins and closet space to custom-built beds and garage spaces. The key is to find a solution that feels comfy and discrete while ensuring the doll is secure and protected.